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Watch this now: Daylight iPad snatch-and-grab

Check out this chilling video of an iPad robbery at a mid-Americas coffee shop in broad daylight.

Hold onto your iPads, boys and girls. Even in broad daylight:

To recap: A fellow is sitting outside at Espresso Royale, a two-story coffee house in Champaign, Ill. Two men walk out the door, one of whom snatches the gray-shirted fellow's iPad and legs it down the street. The other accused robber stands in front of the victim for a moment, flashing a weapon stashed in his waistband to chill things out a bit. A moment later, he calmly walks away as if nothing ever happened.

Ironically enough, the theft happened at a java joint that bills itself as "a definite 'grab 'n go' coffee shop."

A chilling happening? Sure. But you could argue that this unfortunate fellow got off easily. For instance, he still has both pinkie fingers. And to the best of our knowledge, the robber didn't inflict the additional indignity of stuffing the stolen iPad down his pants.

The official police report has further visual details on those responsible for the crime. The Champaign County police are asking the community for tips (including anonymous messages) by calling 217-373-TIPS or online at the official county Crimestoppers Web site.

(Via Reddit)

Clarification 3:24 p.m. PT, October 17: This story has been altered from the previous version to address some matters of tone introduced during the editing process.