Watch this: Man uses torch on self, defies injury

A video making the rounds shows an eccentric "scientist" who has a penchant for theatrics using a torch in a way you would never expect.

This ends better than you think. Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Check out this crazy video of a man who uses insulating foam on his hand to suppress the flames of an oxyacetylene cutting torch. The eccentric fellow then eats the same material moments later.

Talk about one hell of a fire retardant!

The "scientist" in the clip is Tom Brundige of the Aarmourtherm Foundation, which is a small business based in California dedicated to making fire-protection compounds that are "biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe for the environment." It is worth noting that Brundige has the ability to ramble some serious pseudoscience. In addition, there is no description of the foam's ingredients.

Despite the insanity of the event, the test appears successful, as the flame strikes his hand for many seconds without injury. We never see the oxygen trigger activated on the torch (which would produce massive heat), but another clip shows Brundige burning his foam-covered hand with a supposed 7,075-degree Fahrenheit torch.

Is the foam some sort of smoke and mirror show? There are many commercial alternatives to this foam (think silica, for example). What is impressive is the supposed environmentally friendly quality the material has to it, which is not very common.

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