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Watch this majestic eagle swoop in and take down a drone

Sensing its airspace was threatened, this Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle sprang to action and, with one punch from its mighty talons, knocked this drone right out of the sky.

There's a great sense of majesty whenever an animal takes down a drone.

Whether it's a kangaroo bashing a drone that got too close to her joey, a gorilla using a tree branch to knock out a drone taking its picture or a hawk sending a drone that was invading its turf to the ground, watching members of the animal kingdom take down their flying machine overlords is a thing of beauty.

In a video posted to the Melbourne Aerial Video YouTube channel on Saturday, it was an Australian Wedge-Tailed Eagle's turn to get in on the drone-destruction action. While the company posted the original footage of the attack on Saturday, a new video posted on Wednesday shows the eagle taking down the drone in slow motion. You can watch that slow-mo footage below.

In the clip, we see a drone flying in a lush green area of Australia when, all of a sudden, an eagle comes soaring in on a mission of destruction. With just a single strike, the eagle sends the pesky drone crashing to the Earth below.

Fortunately, both the eagle and the drone are fine, though the drone hopefully learned a lesson or two about what happens when a bird of prey decides that it's ready for its next meal.