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Watch a gigantic 'lava boat' float down a terrifying river of lava

The ongoing Kilauea Volcano eruption has a lava boat now.


Lave reaches the ocean from the Kilauea eruption in Hawaii.

USGS photo by M. Patrick

Researchers called it a "lava ball", but it's really a 20 by 20 foot chunk of actual land.

And now you can watch it float down a literal river of lava and marvel at how terrifying nature can be at her worst.

This footage was taken by Ikaika Marzo and shared by Hawaii News Now.

It also posted this footage, taken by Brad Lewis.

Like the tweet says, well worth watching to see the sheer, insane scale of this chunk of land just floating on lava. What the hell?

Residents of the Big Island of Hawaii have been dealing with the impact of the Kilauea volcano eruption for almost two months now. This "lava boat" seems to be the result of further collapse events. Fissure 8 is still erupting lava, which is flowing all the way to the ocean.