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Watch these Casanovas use gaming one-liners

Instead of the typical eye-rolling one-liner, three self-described nerds use their knowledge of video games in flirtations with random women. Is it game over or game on?

"We want to document our experiences of going from geeks/nerds to men who date beautiful women who society would deem out of our league." Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/ABC

Approaching a new woman can be tough for some guys, but what if you spiced up your game with a little, well, game?

You could, of course, try a compliment or seductive look. Or you could follow the example of the guys in this amusing clip who creatively drop mentions of games such as The Oregon Trail, Final Fantasy, and Pac-Man into conversations with random women. The scenes, filmed from a distance, often end up with some humorously genuine responses--and hilariously creepy moments.

We do, however, recommend you avoid some of these methods in real life, unless you really know what you're doing.

The stars of the video, Jason Roberts, Jesse Jhaj, and Kong Pham come off as silly (and warning: sometimes raunchy), but actually have quite the following. The below video is from their Simple Pickup YouTube channel, which has 180,000 subscribers and 15 million video views.

The trio also offers a $2,000 boot camp for up to three people needing personal instruction with flirting. It ensures the buyer "an intensive 3-day event where you will learn how to attract any type of woman." Well, at least the kind who appreciate lines like, "I'm, like, into necrophilia. They call me the Tomb Raider."