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Watch that brandy wobble

Wobbling cognac glasses enhance the bouquet and color of your favorite brandy.

Wobble glasses mix fun and functionality MoMA Store

Just because Valentine's Day is over doesn't mean that you can't share a glass of tasty spirits with your sweetheart: the MoMA Design Store provides you the opportunity with this quirky set of wobbling cognac glasses.

slightly off-putting. Maybe it's just me, but in general, I like to pour dark liquids into vessels that look stable enough to hold them without spilling them all over my carpet. I'm also not accustomed to seeing my food and drinks move around on the table between bites and sips.

But the wobbling glasses, in addition to embodying the fun and artistic spirit of most MoMA-inspired designs, serve a functional purpose too. Increasing the movement of the cognac in the glass mixes air with it, releasing the bouquet. Also, the movement allows you to check for the cognac's clarity, a must for brandy aficionados.

Designed by Rikke Hagen in Turkey, the glasses are available as a set of two at the MoMA Design Store for $50.