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Watch Stephen Colbert's geeky farewell to Jon Stewart

Stephen Colbert, the Sam to Jon Stewart's Frodo, gets overly geeky in this "Lord of the Rings"-themed farewell to Stewart on Jon's final episode of "Daily Show."

Even on his last day, Jon Stewart couldn't escape Stephen Colbert embarrassing the heck out of him. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Jon Stewart couldn't possibly leave without saying goodbye to his Sam. The farewells came pouring in on Thursday night's episode of "The Daily Show," which marked Jon Stewart's finale appearance as host of the popular satirical news show.

Stephen Colbert, who got his start on "The Daily Show," came back to give a touching tribute to his former boss, giving him the "Lord of the Rings" sendoff he so rightly deserved. Colbert opened by telling Stewart he couldn't leave without saying goodbye to his Sam, and after Stewart asked why he had to be Frodo, Colbert came up with the perfect response.

"One of us is adult-sized and does not have hairy toes," Colbert said. And it only got better from there.

Speaking of Stewart's 16 years with basic cable's Fellowship of Funny, Colbert said it was now time for Stewart to leave us on his voyage to the Undying Lands. "I'm just going to New Jersey, Stephen," Stewart quipped.

It was an excellent back and forth, and a fitting end to Stewart's years at the helm of "The Daily Show," which is about to enter a new act. But as last night's farewell proved, host Trevor Noah will have big shoes to fill, shoes that contained Jon Stewart's harry Hobbit toes.

Eventually, Colbert put away his Tolkien references and put together a touching tribute that was not only funny, but brought Stewart to tears. You can watch this amazing TV moment below.