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'SNL' deleted 'Black Panther' scene even cracks up the cast

Want to stay out of the afterlife? Never tell a member of the Dora Milaje to wear a wig.

Real deleted scenes for "Black Panther" won't be available for a while yet, but on Saturday, "Saturday Night Live" created a pretty good fake one.

In it, T'Challa (played by Chris Redd) travels to Djalia, the mystical realm of his ancestors. But one of them, Uncle M'Butu (Kenan Thompson) isn't exactly the dignified and inspiring relative he might have expected.

Host Sterling K. Brown, who plays N'Jobu (Erik Killmonger's father and T'Challa's uncle) in the real "Black Panther" is on familiar ground here, playing another relative of T'Challa, his great-great-grandfather. But things get a lot funnier on the "SNL" skit than in the more serious actual movie. Be sure to watch the video around 2:57 when Brown almost breaks up laughing as Thompson attempts to eat a frozen lion burger.

Skit high points include Uncle M'Butu explaining how he landed in the afterlife (hint: never tell a member of the Dora Milaje to wear a wig), and a spoof of the classic baby Simba scene in "The Lion King."

"Black Panther" continues to roll into Marvel history, with its Friday opening in China pushing the movie into the billion-dollar club, while Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed there will be a "Black Panther 2." Maybe Thompson can get a cameo.

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