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Watch Samsung's barmy Galaxy S4 launch in highlights video

If the Galaxy S4's launch was past your bedtime last night, we've boiled down the feature demos to an easy 2 minute video.

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Horny backpackers. Tap-dancing kids. 8,000 other mildly problematic stereotypes. The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch had it all. And if its 11pm start was past your bedtime, we've chopped it down into 2 minutes 8 seconds of mind-blowing highlights for you.

New York's famous Radio City Music Hall played host to the biggest tech event of the year so far, and inspired the Korean company to create a show that was more like a variety performance than any gadget unveiling we've ever seen.

The Galaxy S4 looks much the same as the S3, but it has more features than RKO Pictures. To illustrate all the hand-waving and eye-tracking, Samsung put on a series of baffling skits, with doddery old people, drunk house wives and hot Brazilians.

We've cut out as much of that as we can -- we couldn't completely get rid of Little Jeremy, sorry -- to focus on the phone's features. You'll see how the dual-shot camera mode captures your reaction to the photo you're taking, how the eye-tracking feature pauses what you're watching if you look away from the phone

You can catch up with all our exhaustive coverage of the Galaxy S4 here:

What do you think of Samsung's, er, unique take on the tricky business of introducing a new product? Quaintly charming, or offensively sexist? Something a bit different, or totally bonkers? You can tell me what you think of the features too, as if you hadn't already had several opportunities, down in the comments or on Facebook.