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Watch Quantum Break prototype footage

Plus, developer Remedy talks about telling a story that covers "much more" than one game.

As part of a recent lecture in Paris, Quantum Break developer Remedy Entertainment released some prototype footage from the time-bending Xbox One game that shows off what it looked like in an in-development state. DualShockers attended the lecture and published the video below, which is made up of footage "mostly" from around 2012. Note, too, that the video contains a mixture of prototypes. Check it out:

The footage you see in this video was apparently created at Microsoft's request, as part of the company's greenlighting process.

The library section shown in the video made it into the final version of Quantum Break, though Remedy said the finished version is "quite different" from the prototype stage. Also on display in the video are the early versions of Quantum Break's "junction moments" and time-bending mechanics.

DualShockers also reports that Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake talked about the Quantum Break franchise overall, and how the team has an idea for a story that would cover "much more" than one game. At the same time, Lake mentioned that Quantum Break's story is all about main character Jack's hero journey and said that this comes to a "very conclusive" end in the game.

"Lake then clarified that nothing can be said for sure, because in this industry it's impossible to know beforehand how things will shape up, and when it's a good moment to continue with an IP, if ever," DualShockers reports.

Quantum Break was originally scheduled to launch on Xbox One in 2015. However, it was later delayed and is now due to arrive in April 2016. The game story is told across the game and a TV show, the latter of which stars "X-Men"'s Shawn Ashmore and Dominic Monaghan from "The Lord of the Rings."