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Watch out for silver Snowballs

The Blue Microphones Snowball USB mic will soon be available in black and silver, in addition to the original white model.

Image of the Blue Microphones USB microphone in silver and black.
The silver Snowball would make a perfect addition to your steampunk desktop recording studio. Donald Bell/CNET

If you're a musician or podcaster with a home recording studio, you've no doubt come across the adorably named, retro-styled, USB-powered Snowball from Blue Microphones.

After making its debut in 2005, the Snowball has become an unmistakable fixture in many home studios, thanks to its combination of sound quality, style, and price. And while it's still as useful today as it was four years ago, its chrome-accented white color scheme looks a little dated.

To remedy this, the folks at Blue are now churning out two new color variations of the Snowball, including black and silver versions. The black version is all black (including the tripod stand), with the exception of the chrome Blue logo and the chrome bearing at its base. The silver model is especially classy looking, with a mixture of black accents on the stand and mic grille.

Beyond the color variations, no other changes have been made to the Snowball. You get the same plug-and-play setup, two-capsule design (cardioid and omni), three-position selector switch on the back, high-quality braided USB cable, and a durable, adjustable metal stand.

There is one more change, actually. Blue has lowered the price on the Snowball from $129 to just $99. You can expect to see them in Apple Stores this fall.

For a full review of the Snowball USB microphone, head over to CNET Reviews.