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Watch one of the most spectacular, poetic exhibitions of road rage ever

Technically Incorrect: A video posted by a BBC correspondent to Twitter shows something that surely no one has seen before.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

He's not happy.

Amy Woodfield; Twitter screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Driving can drive us demented.

We see others do things that appear quite thoughtless, rude or even insane. This upsets our very sense of decency.

Sometimes, we get angry and even express it.

I fear few people in the world have ever expressed it quite like this man in Leicester, England.

In a video posted to Twitter by the BBC's Amy Woodfield, a bald gentleman is perched on the hood of a Mercedes.

I fear it's not his car.

He does seem upset. Indeed, he punches the vehicle.

This doesn't seem to deter the driver.

After a few hefty punches from the short-tempered man in shorts, the car begins to roll.

The rager, on his knees, appears to attempt a conversation with the driver. One that doesn't involve flattery, I suspect.

Neither Woodfield nor the Leicestershire Police responded to a request for comment.

The police did, however, issue a statement reported by the Telegraph.

It read, in part: "A man had been seen trying to break the windscreen of a car and cause damage to other vehicles in the road. A number of officers were deployed to the scene where a man was arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and assault."

Naturally, one wonders what caused this extreme reaction. Was the disagreement perhaps political in nature?

Could it have been a dispute over soccer -- Leicester's fine team won the English Premier League last year.

Or did the driver and the pugilist have a slight disagreement about road etiquette?

I fear it might be the last one, but who knows?