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Here's how to watch the new 'Westworld' episode early

Howdy, pardner. HBO lets viewers hop an early train back to the new show and watch its second installment before Sunday.

It's never been a good day for poor Dolores on "Westworld," but she keeps waking up hopeful.


Warning: Minor spoilers for "Westworld" ahead.

Can't wait to take the train back to "Westworld" to learn what's up with Ed Harris' creepy man in black and find out just how off-script the town's robot hosts are starting to veer? You don't need to wait until the new HBO drama's normal Sunday night time slot this week.

The network decided to make three shows available for streaming via HBO Go, HBO Now or HBO On Demand beginning Friday. Viewers can tune in to the second episode of "Westworld," as well as special advance premieres of Sunday night's "Divorce" and "Insecure."

"Divorce" is the new HBO comedy starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church as a couple in a troubled marriage, and "Insecure" stars Issa Rae, and is partially based on her YouTube series, "Awkward Black Girl."

But it's likely "Westworld' that will have most viewers flocking to their screens for an early episode. The sci-fi western, based on the 1973 film of the same name by "Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton, debuted last week to 3.3 million viewers, making it HBO's most-watched new show since 2014's "True Detective." And it left viewers with plenty of questions, as wouldn't-hurt-a-fly robot host Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) ended the pilot with the fly-slap-heard-round-the-world.

The new "Westworld" episode begins with a new pair of guests, one a first-timer and one a veteran, heading to the futuristic theme park with very different plans.

While HBO didn't offer a reason for the early episodes, Variety notes that anticipation for Sunday night's presidential debate probably has something to do with it, as viewers now can make their Old West trip early, and still watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump live. So while the presidential candidates have earned more criticism than compliments lately, we'd like to thank them for this. "Westworld," ho!