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Watch Marvel's Doctor Strange freak out at a water park

Water you laughing at? Avengers fans really need this hilarious seven-second mashup after the devastation of Infinity War.

Warning: Don't read below the tweet if you're super sensitive to spoilers. 

It's just a seven-second mashup showing Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) splishing and splashing and sliding his way through a waterpark, but it's exactly as loony and crazy a seven seconds as Marvel fans need right now.

We just lived through Avengers: Infinity War, but not every character was as lucky. Some fan favorites are probably deader than Monty Python's dead parrot, and we still have to wait a year to officially begin the mourning. So watching the uber-serious Cumberbatch character wobbling back and forth like a Weeble after humorist Jesse McLaren edited him into waterpark shots is like splashing into a cool pool after a triple-digit day.

McLaren's video earned 230,000 views in two hours, and I think 220,000 of them were from me. It's a cleansing dip that washes away some of that theater-caused turmoil. Avengers assemble, and make sure to buckle your life jackets.