Watch Kim Jong-un throw nuclear bomb, hoops in video game

Watch the Supreme Leader soar. Watch the Supreme Leader score. On his team, Dennis Rodman. Their opponents' team name? The "Pathetic Americans."

He shoots. And shoots. And shoots. OfficialComedy/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Perhaps Kobe Bryant's teammates feel the same way.

They stand back and watch their supreme leader perform as no other man can. Or no other man thinks he can.

In this case, on one team is North Korea's "Supreme Leader" Kim Jong-un, partnered by his new bosom chum, Dennis Rodman.

On the other team are two Americans -- one of whom, curiously, isn't an American.

The genesis of this sparkling video game is the recent visit of Rodman, the former Chicago Bull great and "Celebrity Apprentice" not-so-great to North Korea.

Following in the footsteps of Google's Eric Schmidt, Rodman was characterized by Secretary of State John Kerry in this way: As a diplomat, he' s a great basketball player."

In order to immortalize Rodman's embrace of the immortal leader, the folks at Official Comedy have created a video game that is sure to have gamers clamoring.

The beauty of this game -- full title "North Korea Jam, Supreme Hoops" -- is that no one seems to touch the ball much, other than Kim Jong-un himself.

The Supreme Leader is partnered by Rodman, who stands around, waiting for rebounds that never come -- because Jong-un swats the ball away before an opponent's shot can get anywhere near the basket.

Their opponents have the crisply descriptive name of "The Pathetic Americans." Oddly, this twosome seems to comprise Golden State Warriors coach Mark Jackson and former Warriors great Sarunas Marciulonis.

The latter, last time I looked, was Lithuanian. There is clearly much subtext here.

The highlight, surely, is the nuclear bomb that the Supreme Player (I don't mean Rodman) throws down on his bemused opponents.

The final score of 426-0 in favor of the North Korea All-Stars seems to offer a marginally lopsided view.

Yes, it's an even worse performance than the U.S. Dream Team once managed against, well, Puerto Rico.

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