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Watch Just Cause 3's launch trailer that's really a rap video about explosions

A rap video you probably didn't expect.

Ahead of Just Cause 3's release tomorrow, December 1, Square Enix has published the open-world game's launch trailer. But it's not just any launch trailer. This one -- the game's official launch trailer -- was made by a community member as part of a contest that was announced in October. Watch it below.

Square Enix challenged the community to create a trailer that captures the action, energy and atmosphere of Just Cause 3. More than 1,200 entries came in, but it was CoolTwinSkittles who won with his "Explosion Rap Trailer" video. As the name suggests, it's completely focused on the game's explosions.

We won't spoil them all for you, but there are some good rhymes in there, like the one below.

Explosion with a sniper / an explosion upside down! / Explosion with a rocket / big explosions through the town / explosions on a boat / some explosions on the street / Explosions at a gas station where I wanted something to eat.

"Choosing a winner was extremely hard, but the energy, humor, and general quality of our chosen winner cemented him as the panel's favorite," Square Enix explained.

CoolTwinSkittles also gets a prize package worth $5,000, including a gaming PC featuring a 6th generation Intel Core processor, Neat Microphones, KRK Monitors, speakers, headphones, a guitar and more.

Just Cause 3 officially launches December 1 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Check back soon for GameSpot's review.