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Watch 'Jurassic Park' reimagined as a retro video game

What better way to get ready for "Jurassic World" than by watching this retro gaming remix of the original "Jurassic Park" courtesy of CineFix's 8-bit Cinema?

Hold onto your butts, "Jurassic Park" fans, as the 1993 dinosaur movie has been given a remix courtesy of CineFix that imagines the film as an old-school video game.

The clip is the latest in CineFix's "8-bit Cinema" series. In the clip, which was posted to the company's YouTube channel on Tuesday, we see Ian Malcolm, Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler and the rest of the characters and creatures from the "Jurassic Park" film through the eyes of the original Nintendo.

Well, mostly anyway. While the video was definitely inspired by the 8-bit NES and Sega Genesis gaming consoles of yesteryear, CineFix admits that much of this video was done in 32-bit tech found in the likes of the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Regardless, the video is done really well and gives the viewer a sense of what "Jurassic Park" would look like if it was reimagined as a retro video game. It's a great way to prep yourself to see "Jurassic World, " which launches in the UK and Australia on Thursday, followed by the US on Friday.