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Watch iPhones and Androids make love

After planting a rogue Android in an ad for its iPad app, the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation creates a new ad for both Android and iPhone. It includes some of the most extraordinary iPhone/Android love scenes.

You thought this would never be possible.

But, because I am more idealistic and optimistic than you are, I merely waited for the day. It has duly come.

Please, then, watch the video I have embedded and bathe in the notion that everything is possible. For this video depicts iPhones and Androids making love.

It is thoroughly PG. It is thoroughly engrossing. And it gives us hope that our world can come together as one.

It was made by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation. You might remember that this corporation got itself into a troubling bind when it planted a little green Android in the middle of an ad for its iPad app.

This truly took the idea of Swiss neutrality into very difficult waters. However, this new ad for its Android and iPhone app shows that Androids and iPhone can love each other, can live together, can hold hands and wander off into the sunset.

Sophisticated viewers may find references in this ad to such seminal works of art as "Braveheart," "300," and, um, "Dirty Dancing." But, you see, even films as apparently disparate as these can be brought together to create a vast, new loving being.

I am sure that many look forward to the day when Google and Apple merge, take over all of the world's governments and set new standards for interpersonal relations.

This ad is surely the first and very significant step towards that dream.