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E3 2018: In Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer, Jade is the bad guy

Our first real trailer for this hotly anticipated game.


Beyond Good and Evil 2's Jade.

Screenshot by Sean Buckley/CNET

We've been waiting over 15 years for Beyond Good and Evil 2, the long-promised sequel to the fan-favorite tale of a civilization under occupation and the photojournalist who saves it. (Plus, a really awesome badass pig dude.)

But when Ubisoft finally revealed the game last year, all we got was a seemingly impossibly grand vision for a prototype, with little sense of what the game might be like to play or any kind of story.

At E3 2018, we're getting a glimpse. And that glimpse includes some familiar faces. Only -- surprise, surprise -- our protagonist Jade is the villain, not the hero!

Watch for yourself:

That's not just our interpretation, mind you. Ubisoft has confirmed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is a prequel, and today a young Jade was described as the game's "nemesis" on stage.

Want more? Here's an 11-minute breakdown of the entire trailer, describing who these characters are and how they might fit into the story:

As originally announced, Ubisoft is letting fans contribute to the game's development -- and one surprising fan is apparently film and TV star Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He announced that his collaborative productrion company HitRecord will be another way fans can contribute art and music to the game -- as little as a lyric, a hook or a bassline -- and even get paid something for contributing.

Here's a trailer for that partnership too:

"This is the first time we're going to make assets that can go into a video game," Gordon-Levitt told reporters ahead of the press conference. "If you're someone who loves Beyond Good and Evil 2, you can have a part in it."

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