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Watch: How to make your own working 'Iron Man' armor

With the release of "Iron Man 3" just weeks away, is there a better way to celebrate than to make your own working repulsor?

Advancer Technologies explains how to make your own "Iron Man 3" repulsor. Video screenshot by CBS News

Have you ever dreamed of being Tony Stark, with the ability to turn your body into a machine? Well, you now might just have the chance to be part robot, or at least the ability to create your own repulsor.

Advancer Technologies uses electromyography to help fans of the "Iron Man" movies have their very own hand armor. This type of science is typically used to test the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. The glove is controlled by the wearer simply flexing and relaxing their forearm muscles.

In the comic book and movie series, the repulsor is a hand attachment that shoots out a magnetic force beam. While this glove isn't meant to defend the universe, makers will definitely impress their friends at the May 3 "Iron Man 3" premiere.

Watch this video for a tutorial on how to make your very own repulsor.

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