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Watch: How to brush your teeth in space

International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield shows the world how astronaut's clean their chompers in orbit.

Chris Hadfield shows how he keeps his teeth clean when he's far above Earth. Video screenshot by

For those of you who hate brushing your teeth under normal circumstances, think about how much harder it is to clean those pearly whites in space, with zero gravity and no sink to get water from or spit into afterwards.

In another in his series of entertaining how-to videos from space, International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield shows how to take care of those chompers in space. Does the toothpaste go up your nose? How do you get the toothbrush wet in the first place?

Check out the below video in which Hadfield answers those questions and more. And here's a spoiler: he has a unique way of cleaning his toothbrush post usage.

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