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Holy garbanzo beans! Watch every 'Key & Peele' sketch online

They've appeared onscreen with Barack Obama and Aaron Rodgers, and now you can stream every "Key & Peele" sketch online, including 176 that have never been seen on the web before.


"Key & Peele."

Comedy Central

If you've been at a loss since "Key & Peele" ended on TV last year, we have good news. The comedy duo have released their entire back catalogue of sketches, including 176 that were previously unavailable online, in one "authoritatively and unequivocally complete archive."

That means you can get your fill of psycho valley girl Meegan, rage-filled substitute teacher Mr Garvey and all the players from the East West Bowl (including our favourite, L'Carpetron Dookmarriott).

The archive includes a dictionary of "Key & Peele" terms, like "The Dinkles" and "draxx them sklounst," and you can also get to the site using custom URLs based on your favourite sketches. We particularly like, and

It's worth noting that, like other Comedy Central shows, the videos are geoblocked to the United States. And getting around that kind of region blocking would be, in Mr Garvey's words, insubordinate and churlish. Or should we say,