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Watch deputies help a giant bear out of a dumpster-dive gone wrong

Twitter is in love with T-Shirt the big bear.

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T-Shirt makes his great dumpster escape.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

How do you assist a very large bear out of a dumpster? Very carefully.

Placer County deputies came to the rescue of a large bear named T-Shirt this week in Kings Beach, California. T-Shirt got his copious self stuck in a dumpster and needed help getting out. The Placer County Sheriff's Office shared a video of the incident on Tuesday.

T-Shirt got his name from the white patch on his chest, which becomes obvious after the deputies move the dumpster lid out of the way and the bear climbs out. "Come on, atta boy," you can hear a deputy encourage him. T-Shirt makes a rippling exit and trots away to freedom.

Social media loves a feel-good animal story, especially when it co-stars the police and a furry behemoth that looks like he could win the annual Fat Bear Week contest. "T-Shirt the Bear >>> Harry Houdini," wrote Barstool Sports host Hard Factor Will in response to the video.

Since 2020 is almost here, it's a good time to assess the past year through the lens of this bear video. "We are all T-Shirt the bear and the dumpster is the year 2019," wrote Twitter user Candice Cane.

Bears and humans don't always coexist happily. Placer County residents share their space will all sorts of wildlife, including deer, mountain lions and bears. "Secure your garbage can. Get a can with a snap-on lid. If possible, store your can inside, in a garage, shed, or wooden garbage-can enclosure," the County of Placer recommends.

The dumpster T-Shirt crawled into will need to be better secured to prevent another stuck-bear incident.      

This humane handling of the bear is normal for the Placer County crew. "The only time lethal force would be an option would be if it was an imminent danger to life," Placer County Deputy Sergeant Dave Hunt told Sacramento news CBS 13. Let's hope T-Shirt stays out of trouble.