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Watch daredevil app user pay bills and evade bulls

Torture testing has made the leap from pain inflicted on devices to perilous multitasking by their users. Don't try this at home -- or in Georgia, or Spain.

torture testing Capital One smartphone app with stuntman Jon Watson and angry bulls
What's really crazy in this shot are the low interest rates that banks offer today. Video screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

For years now I've been on the torture-test beat for Crave -- covering everything from an iPad dipped in hot lava to a smoothie made of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. The day has finally come that such demonstrations are being inflicted upon the human users of devices, all in the name of a little viral PR.

So it is with some hesitation that I share the below video of professional stunt guy Jon Watson (do not try this at home, or even in Georgia where the event is held, if you're smart) paying his bills via Capital One's smartphone app while being chased by huge, upset and behorned bulls.

I mean, if we have to keep pushing the envelope ever further in the name of ever more hardcore technology, I'm likely to end up drowned with a smartphone in my hand.

Watch the video below for one of the strongest arguments yet against multitasking.