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Watch: Billionaire Blazers owner stunned by Steph Curry shot

When the Golden State Warriors star hit a shot that helped cement his team's win, the reaction from Paul Allen promptly became an Internet sensation.

Portland Trail Blazers owner and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is worth $17.4 billion, but his reaction to Steph Curry's dagger three in overtime is worth a thousand words. And a few Internet memes.

At a pivotal moment in overtime during last night's Game 4 between the Golden State Warriors and the Portland Trail Blazers, Warriors star guard Steph Curry hit a step-back three pointer to increase his team's lead, 128 to 120.

Cameras caught the reaction from Allen, who looked exactly like you'd expect from a deflated rich man. Here it is in slow-mo:

As you might expect, the Internet soon took hold of Allen's shattering disappointment. It's not often we can pinpoint the exact moment a heart breaks in two.