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Watch Apple's too-short trailer reel for new TV Plus streaming shows

Hey, there's Jason Momoa. Wait a minute, why are these trailer clips from Apple TV Plus shows so darn brief?

Ready to add one more streaming service to your pile of entertainment options? Ready or not, Apple unveiled a sneak peek at Apple TV Plus, its own TV and movie streaming service on Monday. 

The event featured plenty of celebrity appearances, but not much footage of the shows they're producing and starring in. Apple did reveal a short video, just over a minute long, that's sort of mega-trailer for Apple's upcoming original content. It crams together clips from such upcoming shows as The Morning Show, See, and For All Mankind.

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But the clips whizzed by quickly and only the sharpest eyes could pick out many details.

There was a shot of a elegantly coiffed Jennifer Aniston nervously about to go live for The Morning Show, a drama that goes behind the scenes of shows such as Good Morning America and Today. 

There was an Aquaman-looking shot of Jason Momoa from See, playing a warrior in a world where humans have lost the sense of sight. 

And there were snippets from For All Mankind, a sci-fi drama that focuses on what might have happened had the space race never ended (a newspaper headline touts "RED MOON" and proclaims that the Soviets, not the Americans, made the first moon landing).

Apple watchers complained on social media that they could've done with less hype, and more actual clips from the shows. "Why didn't just show us this EPIC Trailer of all the Apple TV+ shows in the beginning so we could have been hyped then?" asked former CNET staffer Brian Tong on Twitter.

Release dates for the new shows have yet to be announced.