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Watch an epic 'Star Wars' starship battle erupt over the skies of LA

A new video shows the Galactic Empire invading the City of Angels. Suddenly, life there isn't a day at the beach.

Growing up in Los Angeles, I always wondered what it would look like if a "Star Wars" starship battle were to erupt over the sunny skies of LA. A new video from actor/director Kaipo Jones shows the chaos that would ensue if the Galactic Empire invaded the City of Angels.

In the clip above, we see TIE fighters, AT-AT walkers and Imperial Star Destroyers flying over Los Angeles landmarks such as LAX and the Santa Monica Pier as the humans of the city attempt to fight off the Empire.

Beamers, Navy ships and jet planes are destroyed as the city is unable to stop Lord Vader, Emperor Palpatine and the rest of the Galactic Empire from taking over.

Check out the clip for yourself above, then get ready to turn to the Dark Side when your new Imperial overlords come for you.

(Via Geekologie)