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Watch a magnet rip apart a soda can in slow motion

Kaboom! Video bloggers team up to film an aluminum can exploding at 11,000 frames per second.

When science vloggers gather around an electromagnet experiment, you know something exciting is about to go down.

In a YouTube video posted this week, we see Dianna Cowern of "Physics Girl," Joe Hanson of "It's Okay to be Smart" and Joe DiPrima of "Arc Attackmusic" destroy an empty soda can with an electromagnet.

The aluminum can sits inside a thick coil of wire. The trio then sends an electrical current through wire, which creates the electromagnet. In turn, the electromagnet dramatically rips the can apart with a loud bang and quite a few sparks.

Luckily, they film the experiment using a Phantom high speed camera, capturing the impressive explosion at 11,000 frames per second.