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'That's rocket science': See adults try to do fifth-grade math

Grown-ups attempt and fail to remember how to solve math problems from their childhood. Can you find the common denominators?

Sure this math may look simple enough, but can you do it without a calculator? Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Remember when math teachers told you that one day you'd need to remember how to solve complex equations involving fractions? Today is that day.

Follow along with this BuzzFeed video -- Adults Try 5th Grade Math -- to see if you can solve math problems like 66.51 x 98.65 = ? and 4321.4 / 82 = ? without using a calculator.

Good luck. Because these adults weren't as fast with the answers as you might expect. As the video goes on, the math gets more complicated and the hosts get more frustrated.

"Patience is the key to long division," one adult in the video says.

Says another exasperated adult who still didn't quite get the correct answer, "As far as I'm concerned, that's rocket science."

Perhaps we adults should brush up on our math skills by watching actress Danica McKellar's educational show " Math Bites" on the Nerdist Channel? Or maybe we need a good dose of electric shocks to jolt our math memories? Either way, it might be a good time to download a math app or two to help remind us why skills like these are important.