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Digital Media

Watch a rubber ducky, CD and phone melt close-up

This video compilation of toys, clocks, syringes, phones, CDs and other items melting over an open flame feels oddly satisfying to view through a video camera's macro lens.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes it can be found watching plastic toys and electronics melt in real time under a magnified, or macro, video camera lens.

YouTube channel Macro Room records some rather stunning imagery in a video posted Sunday of melting a computer keyboard, a calculator and even a toy dinosaur. The stunts were captured using a Canon 70D and Canon MPE-65 camera and a Canon 100mm macro lens.

The melting keys on the keyboard look like marshmallows toasting on an open fire, while a CD almost looks like a calm rain shower as it disintegrates. The melting rubber ducky is too sad to see fall apart. Poor fella.

Previous YouTube videos from Macro Room include magnified imagery of pills dissolving in water, ice cream liquefying in colorful puddles and melting toy Army men.