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Watch a massive road roller lay waste to 17 LCD monitors

The Road Roller channel on YouTube likes to smash things. Printers next, please.

If we've learned anything from the 10,000 hydraulic press videos uploaded to YouTube this year, it's that people really like watching stuff getting smashed into oblivion. The original YouTube page already has over 1.3 million subscribers, so it's not surprising copycats are emerging with similar ideas, like this guy in Latvia who started the Road Roller channel to show off the merciless mass of his 12-ton road roller.

He uses the construction machine to crush everything from a Rubik's Cube to a chess set, but his most popular videos show him flattening electronic office supplies like a 42-inch television and, most recently, 17 LCD monitors of various brands and sizes.

It's hard to describe the satisfying crunch of the screens as the carnage unfolds, so you should check out the video for yourself posted above. The roller does a pretty thorough job punishing monitors in the first pass, but if that doesn't satisfy your thirst for carnage, he throws the road roller in reverse and backs over them a second time. Double destruction!