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Watch a kid slap her teacher while testing out drunk goggles

Technically Incorrect: This YouTube video of an experiment with a gadget that simulates drunkenness has a truly hilarious ending.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

He's going for a high-five. She isn't.

cnk6400/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Kids need to be taught about what it is to be drunk.

At least, the kids who haven't been drunk yet.

One way of doing that is to offer them the remarkable gadget known as drunk goggles.

These affect your spatial awareness, distort your vision and generally make you act in a way that sober people laugh at.

A new YouTube video shows drunk goggles being demonstrated in a classroom. The poster says the adult in the room is the health teacher.

A teenage girl dons the glasses and then is asked to follow a blue line.

Naturally the blue line isn't straight.

At first, she does rather well.

She manages a right-angled left turn with something approaching aplomb. Well, alright, at least she doesn't fall over.

She maneuvers her way diligently, if imperfectly.

Her class -- remarkably well-behaved -- is on her side.

She's wearing good Puma sneakers to help her make the turns without falling on her face.

She does have to stick her arms out like Olympic gymnasts on the beam, but when you're drunk, needs must.

Then there's the ending. This is pure comedy gold.

It begins as an attempt at a high-five. The timing is exquisite. The aim is true.

Don't drink until you're old enough kids. You could end up slapping a police officer. And we know police officers don't like that.