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'Game of Thrones' portrait comes to life as you watch

Is this a spell from one of the Warlocks of Qarth? No, it's just plain old talent that brings this portrait of Arya Stark to life before your eyes.

A "starkly" beautiful rendering. Video screenshot by Michael Franco/CNET

Arya, the young and arguably most feisty member of the "Game of Thrones"' Stark family, might not be available to have her portrait done these days (what with all that sleeping on the ground and horseback riding), but that didn't stop New-York-based artist Xiaonan from creating a striking image of the young girl.

What's more, Xiaonan filmed the work's creation and then sped the whole thing up, so you can enjoy watching the portrait being formed in just under two-and-a-half minutes.

This isn't the first time Xiaonan, who runs a website called "The Portrait Art," has rendered a "Game of Thrones" character on paper. The artist has also created portraits of Jon Snow and the khaleesi in the same captivating fast-motion style.

As someone who has a hard time drawing a smiley face, I'm in awe of this kind of talent. It's almost like a work of magic from one of those Warlocks of Qarth. What do you think?