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Watch a daredevil ride his hoverboard along a high-rise edge

In a vertigo-inducing video, an adrenaline junkie rides a hoverboard on the edge of a Hong Kong skyscraper.

Hoverboards aren't exactly easy to maneuver. After watching this video of a guy riding his hoverboard on the edge of a Hong Kong skyscraper, it seems miraculous that nothing went horribly wrong. 

In a 46-second video posted this week on YouTube, an unknown daredevil filmed himself holding a selfie stick with one hand while balancing on his hoverboard using his free arm. 

Rolling back and forth on the hoverboard, he comes dangerously close to the edge numerous times, making this a very tense video to watch. 

At one point, he does a few fast spins that would make even the most courageous thrill-seeker cringe. 

It bares saying that no one who watches this video should attempt the same stunt. Leave it to the professionals and hovercraft riders with nine lives.