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Watch 20,000 Jedi and 3,000 Tyrannosaurus rex fight to the death

Who will win in the epic battle between Jedi Knights and T-Rex? This geeky Epic Battle Simulator video pits Star Wars against dinosaurs.

When it's Jedi versus T-Rex, it's wise to bet on the dinosaur. 

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Considering the number of Star Wars and Jurassic Park movies, it's a bit surprising we haven't seen both franchises combine into the ultimate geek dream of a film.

Until Hollywood figures it out, watch this Epic Battle Simulator between 20,000 Jedi Knights (with a few Sith Lords) and 3,000 T-rex dinosaurs in a snowy landscape. 

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is a sim/video game available on Steam, where you can create massive armies, place them in a specific location, and then watch the randomness of an epic showdown take place.

This particular 24-minute long video, posted by YouTube user SergiuHellDragoonHQ on Dec. 5, shows what can happen in the Epic Battle Simulator by pitting the Star Wars warriors against the most dangerous dinosaurs in history.

The simulator has the battle go non-stop during the day through the night and shows multiple perspectives of the battle -- from both the views of both the dinosaurs and the Jedi fighters. 

I can only imagine that a lightsaber skewered T-rex smells a lot like the dead tauntaun that kept an almost frozen Luke Skywalker alive on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back

All that's missing is a tiny Yoda to save the day.

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