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Washington Times and release open-source projects

Enterprise IT is answering the call to contribute back to open-source projects.

Forbes recently ran an article detailing the difficulties of institutional involvement in open-source projects, ultimately concluding that:

The enlightened self-interest that causes individuals to send back bug fixes, contribute ideas for new features and write documentation is much harder to find in institutions.

On Thursday, The Washington Times and rose to the challenge and announced significant open-source contributions or new projects.

In the case of The Washington Times, it released several enhancements to the Django open-source content management project., a liberterian research and educational center, decided to go one step further and open source its entire website: "all the books, all the media, all the journals, all the source code, and the complete database behind"

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst has called for more enterprises to contribute back to open-source projects to boost efficiency and productivity for themselves and others. It's good to see The Washington Times and answering the call. Who will be next?

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