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Washington focuses on tech, Net

Congress and the White House are spending this week examining various long-standing tech and Internet issues such as privacy, encryption, and taxes.

This week marked the Senate's "High-Tech Week," but the rest of Congress and the White House are See related story: 
Congress tackles high-tech issues focusing more intensely on hard-hitting Internet and technology issues such as taxes, privacy, spam, encryption, and gender representation. Lobbyists, special interest groups, and civil liberties organizations also are weighing in as several bills move forward.

Senate approves copyright bill
update The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, approved by the Senate, expands copyright protections for online music, film, literature, and software.

Gore pushes Net privacy
audio | update Vice President Al Gore calls for an "electronic bill of rights" to protect the privacy of individuals online.

House committee clears Net tax bill
The House Commerce Committee approves legislation to prohibit new taxes targeted at Net access and services for three years.

Senate passes spam regulation
audio | update The bill, which now goes to the House for a vote, requires commercial emailers to accurately identify themselves and seeks to fine violators.

Senate to stem shareholder suits
Legislation to curb shareholder lawsuits against companies with volatile stock prices is cleared by the Senate.

House committee to review Net tax bill
A key House panel plans to debate groundbreaking legislation this week that would impose a three-year moratorium on Net taxes.

Congress looks at tech gender gap
The House Science Committee approves legislation to establish a commission on the recruitment, promotion, and retention of women in tech fields.

Study: Net tax bills to divide U.S.
Affluent households would benefit from Internet tax bills moving through Congress at the expense of poor and middle-class Americans, a study says.

Tech Week agenda weak
update The Senate made its "High-Tech Week" sound sexy, but its agenda casts aside the hottest Net and computing issues.

Bill seeks crypto compromise
update The E-Privacy Act seeks a compromise between law enforcement and the software industry over export controls on strong encryption.

Senate to tackle labor shortage
A Michigan Senator will propose to expand the limit on the number of foreigners allowed to petition each year for a work visa.