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Was this FedEx worker filmed tossing your iPad or Nexus 7?

FedEx says it has fired a Manhattan employee caught on camera tossing boxes, as if they were empty boxes.

Well, it gets the boxes loaded more quickly. Banstaman/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The trouble with working for FedEx is that it's just boxes, boxes, boxes.

Sometimes you get so fed(ex) up with boxes that you just want to throw the darned things. So sometimes you do.

Sometimes, though, a sneaky little voyeur decides to film you relieving yourself.

And then you are ex-FedEx.

This tale was just repeated this week, after a FedEx worker was filmed merrily throwing piles of boxes, using various techniques, into a truck.

She seemed to be enjoying herself, and the truck was loaded on one of my favorite New York streets: East 44th.

She even seemed to offer that overhand tossing was far more enjoyable than underhand tossing.

Naturally, the footage was posted to the People's Court: YouTube.

Which brought this YouTube response from the absolutely, positively peeved FedEx SVP of Human Resources, Shannon A. Brown.

He confessed to being disappointed upon discovereing the employee's video performance.

He explained that more than 10 million packages are delivered daily around the world and this employee does not exemplify company standards.

He added: "This driver is no longer working for FedEx."

This lady joins a Hall of Tossing Fame, where she will find a couple of gentlemen from Wal-Mart, a UPS courier, and a fellow FedEx courier who threw a Samsung monitor over a gate.

There are, no doubt, many more employees who might have been tasked with delivering iPads, Nexus 7s, phones, computers, or other gadgets and decided that today just wasn't their day.

It's highly irritating for those whose packages arrive less than intact, but it's hardly surprising.

Once the singularists are in power, however, it won't happen again. Robots do what they're told.