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Warholizer: Presto pop-art for your photos

Give your mugshot an Andy Warhol makeover with this handy BigHugeLabs tool.

A vintage picture of yours truly from back in the moustache era and given the Warholizer treatment. Warholizer

Chances are you're not going to match the influence over the art world that Andy Warhol did with his pop-art pictures of Campbell's soup cans and Marilyn Monroe, but at least you can have some of the fun.

BigHugeLabs has added a "Warholizer" tool that lets you upload a photo or modify one hosted at Flickr or Photobucket so it becomes a tribute to Warhol's bright, posterized art.

BigHugeLabs already offers a large collection of entertaining photo-effect tools. Along with the Warholizer, my favorites include the mock motivational poster maker, the ID badge maker, the palette generator (is there a way to feed this into Adobe Systems' Kuler?), and the picture cube creator.