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'Warcraft' movie lands 'friendly, neighborhood' director

Sam Raimi announced as the 'Warcraft' movie director.

Will Arthas make an appearance in the "Warcraft" movie? Probably not the first one... Blizzard Entertainment

Last Friday, as I sat through the lame movie trailers before the latest "Harry Potter" movie, I was saddened to realize there are only a few films in development that I'm anticipating with extreme amounts of fanboy excitement.

As I watched multiple trailers for movies I had absolutely no interest in--like the latest "Twilight" movie--and heard the sold-out crowd lose their freakin' minds for each movie previewed, I felt that other than the upcoming "Hobbit" films, there was really no movie trailer I was prepared to embarrass myself over with an unbridled geekout in front of hundreds of people.

Today, I was reminded of one more reason to stay alive for the next few years.

On Wednesday, Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures announced that Sam Raimi has been tapped as the director of the forthcoming "Warcraft" movie.

Raimi, who previously directed all three "Spiderman" movies, as well as the "Evil Dead" movies, is a huge catch. He's also a director who's shown he can take a well-established property and make an incredibly successful movie based on it.

That in itself doesn't guarantee a good movie, but listening to the guys from Blizzard and Legendary Pictures talk about their movie plans two years ago--via the video below--it seems they have the right team in place to really do this right. Let's hope so at least.

No release date for the movie has been announced, but I wouldn't expect it before 2011. Lets just hope we get a trailer next year because I can feel my obsession coming on and it will need to be satiated...soon.