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Want to work at CNET UK? We're hiring a production assistant

Love gadgets? Want to work behind the scenes at the best tech site in the business, organising video production and much more besides? It's your lucky day.

You're a discerning tech-head -- you must be, you're reading Crave. So how would you like to help CNET UK appear before your very eyes? We'd love you come and work behind the scenes here as our new production assistant, helping our video producers make their award-winning moving pictures and doing lots more besides.

This is a new position on CNET UK. We want to increase the amount of video we make, so we need someone to blow in like a thunderstorm of enthusiasm and organising the living heck out of us. You'll be working with the team to decide what products we should cover, then contacting PRs to source the kit and create a shooting schedule. You'll write and edit the words that accompany this top-notch Web TV.

That's not all though. As a core member of this flexible team of ours, you'll be taking care of the homepage, sub-editing articles, writing the odd news piece when we're short-handed, and generally turning your hand to whatever's needed.

So should you apply? You certainly should, if you're looking for a great start to a career in online publishing. You'll be overwhelmingly enthusiastic about bringing together everything needed to make brilliant video -- a real outgoing communicator who loves being the person who gets things done. Ideally you'll have done plenty of work in student media or have your own blog, and maybe have done work experience at media companies.

It's a six-month, fixed-term contract based in our awesome Southwark offices, and you'll be working from 7:45am to 4:15pm, Monday to Friday.