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Want to try PlayStation VR? Best Buy and GameStop have you covered

The headset will be available to test out at more than 30 stores nationwide.


Sony's virtual-reality headset works with the PlayStation 4.

Nate Ralph/CNET

Sony's PlayStation VR headset won't launch until later this year, but you don't have to wait to try one out.

Sony will offer demos of the virtual-reality headset at more than 30 Best Buy and GameStop locations nationwide, the company said Friday. That number will expand to about 300 locations across the US and Canada on June 24.

The company is showing off five games and plans to add more demos leading up to the launch this fall. The initial demos include PlayStation VR Worlds, EVE: Valkyrie, Headmaster, Battlezone and SuperHyperCube.

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The PlayStation VR headset retails for $399 and is scheduled to be released on October 13. The headset requires a PlayStation 4 console and PlayStation Camera to be used. Two PlayStation Move controllers are also recommended for the full VR experience. Sony is offering a special launch bundle for $500 that includes the camera, headset and two Move controllers.

Click this link to find a GameStop or Best Buy location near you with a PlayStation VR demo.