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Want to own a flying robot Dragonfly?

Starting at $99, this tiny UAV is capable of hovering quietly in midair and taking high-definition pictures.


Fancy yourself as James Bond and want to do some high-tech spying? Now you can with this palm-size flying robot.

TechJect's Robot Dragonfly may not be ready just yet, but you can back this project at Indiegogo for just $99 to get your very own micro UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). If you're willing to chuck in another $20, you'll be able to get a noiseless version.

The basic model weighs in at just less than an ounce and can hover or flit around like a bird with its two pairs of wings. TechJect also intends to sell different types of wings that will change how the unit performs.

The Dragonfly will also have the ability to take high-definition pictures and be controlled with your iPad or smartphone via Wi-Fi, but do note that both the camera and the Wi-Fi modules require you to fork out additional cash.

The $399 version of the Dragonfly will come with all the above features, including an improved computer that will allow autonomous flight capabilities.

There are about 12 days left to go before the funding campaign closes. TechJect estimates a shipping date of July 2013 for the basic models, while advanced versions with Wi-Fi and an HD camera should arrive in September-October 2013.

(Source: Crave Asia)