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Want to draw a real movie monster? Dude, you should talk to Dell

Dell and Intel are working on a new social film called "What Lives Inside," and director Robert Stromberg needs your help creating monsters to appear in the movie.

If you've always wanted to draw things that appear on the silver screen, you may want to check out the promotion for the upcoming streaming movie "What Lives Inside."

"What Lives Inside" is a collaboration between Dell and Intel, which have tapped director Robert Stromberg (of "Maleficent" fame) to direct. The movie is the latest in Intel's Inside Films project, an effort focused on creating films with a social element. For "What Lives Inside," Stromberg needs the community's help to create the film's fantasy universe, and has put out a call for sketches of monsters to live in that world.

Anyone interested can submit their sketches on the Inside Films webpage between now and March 9. The ones that receive the most likes will be transformed into real onscreen monsters in the final film.

The film itself centers around Taylor (played by Colin Hanks) whose largely absent father (played by J.K. Simmons) created a mysterious, magical world Taylor only discovers after his father's death. Catherine O'Hara, whom we all know as Kevin McCallister's mom from "Home Alone," stars in the film as Taylor's mom, and Taylor's trusty new Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet, helps Taylor unlock and display his inner creativity. Yeah, product placement is what you get when a computer company sponsors a movie.

"What Lives Inside" will premiere on March 25 exclusively on Hulu. After the premiere, there will be a new episode each week for the following three weeks (four in total). The entire series will then be made available on YouTube and the Inside Films website starting May 6. We sadly have no official word on whether the Dell guy will make an appearance in the movie, but we'll hold out hope that the Dell dude will make a dude-ly cameo in the film.

"What Lives Inside" will star Colin Hanks, pictured here on-set in his on-screen father's puppet workshop. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET