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Mobile Apps

Want to develop an app but have no expertise? Google now has a course for you

Google and Udacity say they can turn you into an Android developer in 165 hours.


Apps are big business, with industry leaders like Snapchat worth billions in just a few years. Now, Google is hoping to help the average Joe and Joanna make the next big thing.

The company on Wednesday launched an app-development course with online university Udacity, aimed specifically at the building of apps for its Android operating system. The difference between this and other Google-approved programs is that this one is aimed at people with no previous development experience.

"No programming experience? No problem!" Udacity says. "The skills you learn in this beginning Nanodegree program will accelerate your journey to becoming a working Android Developer."

The course outline says that it takes 165 hours to complete -- that's around 21 days of full-time study (for 8 hours per day). It also adds that the "base salary" of an Android developer falls between $52,400 and $136,000 in the US.