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Want to be an astronaut? Apply online now

NASA will join our digital times to find its next astronauts. There's a YouTube video and, for the first time, you can apply online.

Jobs are scarce.

Might you therefore consider a career change that will take you not merely 1,000 miles from where you live, but hundreds of thousands of miles? Yes, to a place where no one can bully you, no one can nag you and everyone will look up to you.

Then NASA would like you to watch the video I've embedded below and apply online. This recruitment tool, posted by NASA yesterday to YouTube, shows just how sexy working in stellar conditions can be.

You get to drive cool concept cars. You get to take business trips to places that hardly anyone has ever imagined, never mind been. And you get to float around all day as if nothing's really bothering you at all.

The video promises new spacecraft, new rockets and a totally new perspective on corporate life.

The 2013 Astronaut Candidate Class is now open for applications and NASA says this is the first time that fit, clever human beings who don't wear diapers can apply online.

What are you waiting for? This could be the dream move you've been hoping would come your way. You might, one day, be the first to stand on Mars and say: "One small step for me, and one large message from our sponsors, the nice people who brought you M&Ms."