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Want sandwich.com? Yahoo auctions off long-lost domains

If you ever dreamed of owning cyberjokes.com, the opportunity is about to present itself when Yahoo auctions off a list of premium domains.

Sandwich with .com atttached
This delicious domain could be yours. Renee Comet

Yahoo has been doing some housecleaning and stumbled across some dusty and musty domain names it had registered for forgotten reasons long ago. Wisely, Yahoo has decided it doesn't need to keep jockeys.com in its back pocket for a rainy day.

The domain names are coming up for auction on Sedo starting on November 14 and running for a week. The estimates for the values of the domain names range from $1,000 to $1.5 million.

There are at least a few food-related domains among the more than 100 scheduled for sale, including sandwich.com and crackers.com. One of the super-premium domains on offer is av.com, a rare two-letter option to come up for sale.

Some of the domains are on the odd side, like batoota.com and fonzo.com. Finalcountdown.com would be a real prize for any fan of the Swedish rock band Europe.

Yahoo said it will post more domains as the week goes along, so there could still be some hidden gems on the way. In the meantime, you can browse the list and figure out your bidding strategy. Who knows, you could become the new proud owner of raging.com.