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Want a white iPhone 4 now? Go the DIY route

Brave iPhone owners can upgrade their black iPhones with white parts. But the procedure is not without risk, as it will mean taking your phone apart and voiding your warranty.

White iPhone
You can have one this week. WhiteiPhone4now.com

Apple says white iPhone 4s are coming later this year. But some people don't want to wait, and for those people, there's a WhiteiPhone4Now.com. The Web site sells a kit that lets iPhone 4 owners turn their regular black iPhone into a fancy white one.

To be sure, the procedure is not for the faint of heart, as it requires taking your iPhone apart, which voids the warranty. The Web site features two kits: one for $135 that's just the back panel and one for $299 that includes the panel, the front panel, a Retina display, the home button, and digitizer and front frame. Another $4 over the full kit gets you a bumper-like case.

"I thought I was gonna break my phone, but it wasn't so bad with the iFixit guide," CNET reader Jake Stein told us after purchasing the kit and putting his phone together in about 30 minutes.

WhiteiPhone4Now.com's vendor, one Fei Lik Lam, is offering free shipping in the U.S. for courageous souls, or international shipping for the specific sum of $31.64. The Web site says shipments are sent one to four days after an order is placed.

He also attests that all the parts are OEM Apple components. Apple's said that it's had manufacturing troubles with the white casings and that's why the white iPhone is being delayed, so if these are OEM, users might want to wait until the real deal hits the shelves.

Stein said he loves his phone and has no buyer's remorse, though he did note that the white of the case doesn't quite match the white of the home button. If the parts are indeed OEM Apple parts, then perhaps this explains the white iPhone 4's delay.