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Want a Rey doll? Make your own Star Wars heroine

Creative Star Wars fans show their love for Rey from "The Force Awakens" by giving Bratz dolls a geeky makeover.

If toy companies won't sell Rey dolls, make your own.

Kelly Taylor/Makezine

If you're a young Star Wars fan in search of a doll depicting your favorite new female character, Rey, and you can't find the one you want, make your own.

While you can buy some Rey toys right now, they're disappearing from store shelves fast due to the new heroine's popularity. So instead of getting angry, some fans are getting creative.

Parts and Crafts, a community workshop based in Somerville, Massachusetts, showed young fans how to transform easy-to-find Bratz dolls into Rey by repainting the dolls, dying their doll hair and sewing new clothes and accessories to make them ready for their "Force Awakens" playtime.

If that wasn't cool enough, one of the Parts and Craft crafters turned a Bratz doll into the 1,000-year-old pirate character Maz Kanata from "The Force Awakens."

This isn't the first time we've seen fans transform dolls into new and better versions. In 2014, a parent crowdsourced armor for badass Barbie dolls, while another crafty individual decided to turn Barbie into a more useful albeit dangerous gadget.

These are all fun examples of how to make the toys you want instead of settling for what's in stores. Can't find a toy that represents the four horses of the apocalypse? Try transforming My Little Pony toys into something creepier.

Wish there was a Lego set for the retro sitcom "The Golden Girls?" Build your own, then submit it to Lego Designs. Be inspired by the crafty fans at Parts and Crafts, and make your own toys. All you need is your imagination and perhaps a good glue gun.

This week, of course, saw some Rey-related drama when a young fan wrote Hasbro asking why there was no token for Rey in the new "Force Awakens" version of Monopoly. The question inspired such an outcry that Hasbro responded with a tweet saying Rey will be included in a new version of the game.

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