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Want a keyless deadbolt that doesn't use batteries? Get this mechanical combination lock for $42

If you worry about getting locked out because of a dead smart lock, you can save 48% on the Elemake Stainless Steel 304 keyless lock.

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I love the freedom of leaving my keys at home when I have a keyless smart lock on my front door and have tried at least a half-dozen over the years in search of the bet one. My wife? Less enamored -- she always worried about the batteries dying and being stranded outside of the house. Often this wasn't even a serious concern, because many smart locks have some sort of backup solution. Nonetheless, if you never want to worry about replacing batteries in your front door again, then the Elemake Stainless Steel 304 Keyless Door Lock is for you. This lock is completely mechanical -- including the 12-button keypad -- so it requires no power to operate. Right now, you can save 42% off the regular $80 list price. The Elemake Stainless Steel 304 Keyless Door Lock is $42 when you apply coupon code D2C4XEW6 at checkout.

Like most deadbolt lock assemblies, you can install this on your own, and you get to customize the security code as well, making it anything from four to eight digits long. Elemake says the deadbolt is made from hardened Stainless Steel 304 and the keypad has been designed to be wear-free, making it impossible for thieves to discern which buttons are commonly used. You can also use physical keys to unlock the door as well.

This lock isn't for everyone, but in this modern age of smart locks, I think there's still room for a mechanical device like this. Whether you're attracted to the lack of batteries or just want the tactile feel of real mechanical buttons under your fingers, this is a cool alternative to something like an August lock. 

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